Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer

The Book of Lies
by Brad Meltzer

When Cal was just a child, he witnessed a terrible accident that resulted in his mother's death and his father's incarceration. His inability to save her sent him on a crusade as he grew up, trying to help those who could not help themselves. Now a disgraced and defrocked federal agent, Cal and his friend Roosevelt--a similarly disgraced and defrocked preacher--operate a mission program to help the homeless.

But when one of their calls has them aiding a familiar-looking face with a gunshot wound, Cal's past collides with his present. He has found his long-lost father.

Inadvertently, this family reunion lands Cal in a wild adventure in which he is pursued by both the federal government and a well-trained killer with ties to the world's first murder, way back in the Biblical days when Cain slew Abel. The only way that Cal can save his father and himself is by finding the archaic totem that the killer is searching for, the fabled Book of Lies.

This book (the actual book, not the book-within-a-book) is written in a style that is deceptively simple, but unique in that it alternates from first person perspective to third. The chapters are brief, and easy to read in short sessions, which keeps the action moving at a healthy clip. The characters are fully realized, but not everything is explicitly stated. You feel that there is a a whole lot left unsaid or merely hinted at, as if these are real people that you are only beginning to know.

The connections made to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and to their iconic creation Superman are frequent and well-researched, and will make any comic book fan smile. But, what would you expect from the guy who wrote Infinite Crisis for DC Comics?

Book of Lies is probably best described as a less-pretentious DaVinci Code, or a geekier (and mercifully Nic Cage-free) National Treasure. The ending may be a bit schmaltzy, and this book won't change the way you think about fiction...but it very well might make you think.

Which is really something for an adventure story.

Book of Lies is currently ranked #59,575 in Books at Visit the author's webpage, or buy it today!


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