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[Cryptopopology] Unused Freddy Vs. Jason Script #3

Freddy Vs. Jason
Written by Peter Briggs
Unseen Cinema Script Review

Of all the would-be scripts turned down before the studio found the proper one for Freddy Vs. Jason this 1995 take by Peter Briggs is the most ambitious. Perhaps a bit too ambitious, as it turns out it's a bit confusing for those who don't follow theology.

The script starts with a prologue in 17th century Italy where a witch hunter and a dignitary each use a pair of Byzantine blades (exactly like the one used to defeat Jason Voorhees in Jason Goes To Hell) to defeat a demonic force that was summoned by a necromancer. The blades, the only weapons capable of defeating such a monster, were “forged by the alchemists of Atlantis from the blade that pierced the side of Christ.”

Already, we're mixing mythology and theology up in a frothy brew.

As the dark force is returning to its home in hell, he promises to come back when time reaches its close.

Flash forward to December 31, 1999. We're in neutral territory here, the small town of Bethlehem, Virginia. The world is fast falling apart around us, literally going to hell in a hand basket. A millennium cult sacrifices a young girl to a pagan god in an old book store and conjures up a familiar visage: Jason Voorhees. He promptly kills off the cultists and then takes his spree to the streets.

But there is a more karmic force at work here as well.

After Steven Freeman and Jessica Voorhees sent Jason to hell 8 years ago, they got married, became a real family with their child, and started a small automotive repair business in Bethlehem. On this particular night, Steven gets a call from a woman having a little roadside trouble. When he shows up to fix the car, it belongs to none other than Alice Johnson and her young son Jacob (last seen in Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child), who were just passing through. The car is going to take a day to fix, so Steven offers the Johnson's shelter in his home. Unbeknownst to each other, both families have had their fair share of dealings with supernatural killers.

Meanwhile, an FBI agent receives a package from the Vatican containing files on both Alice Johnson and Jessica Freeman. Not quite sure what the package means, he and his partner travel to Virginia to speak to Jessica and are surprised to find that Alice is there as well, purely by chance. Together they all sit down to try and sort out the mess. But soon Jason shows up, slicing and dicing as usual.

Jason wreaks his usual carnage and kidnaps Steven and the kids. Taking them back to the bookstore where he was summoned, Jason sacrifices Steven and opens up a portal through which he and the kids travel. Alice, Jessica and the FBI agent follow them and find themselves in a surrealistic painter's interpretation of hell.

Finally Freddy, who up until now has merely lingered in the shadows, has his moment in the sun.

You see, in another attempt to tie the histories of both characters together, Jason used to live on good old Elm Street in Springwood, where the original Nightmare's took place. In fact, his mother and father, fearing for the safety of their child, were among the members of the lynch mob that tracked Freddy down and burned him alive in the first place. Later, the Voorhees family moved to Crystal Lake and Freddy, now a dream killer, murders Jason in the lake. It was also Freddy who was responsible for bringing Jason back to life in an undead state and he used him as a “puppet” throughout the entire run of the Friday movies.

And now, here in hell, Freddy and Jason are bickering over who gets to kill the interlopers. The bickering turns into a full-on brawl and we finally get to see the titular bout. It's interrupted, however, by the appearance of yet another entity, the shadowy force we witnessed way back in the 17th century. It's Thanos, more popularly known as…Satan! He's been behind the murders all this time and Freddy and Jason have only been his pawns.

Thanos needs to kill the children in order to create a new world in his image, which would be achieved through the slaughter of innocents in his sinful domain. Like a bad James Bond villain, he mentions his plans to take away Freddy and Jason's power once all is said and done and so the two turn their sights on the big guy himself. In simultaneous kung-fu stabbing action, they attack Thanos with the two Byzantine blades and save the world from Armageddon.

Everyone is transported back to earth, just in time to see the midnight fireworks show for the New Years celebration. Everyone except for the FBI agent.

He is miraculously transported back to the 1960s and lands in the Springwood police department, just as the search warrant for Freddy Krueger is about to go into effect. Knowing his history—the judge who issued the warrant forgot to sign it, and thus Krueger was released—he quickly forges the judge's signature. Abracadabra, no dream killer Freddy, no undead Jason.

And the world is safe again.

Let me start by stating the ridiculousness of the Back To The Future riff tacked onto the ending. And for a movie that tries so hard to be deep and ambitious, it sure does sink down to an awful lot of cutesy in-jokes and genre references. Every 5 minutes, another would have been popping up on screen. We're talking The Hills Have Eyes, The Wicker Man, Evil Dead, Halloween, Hellraiser, Psycho, The Omen, Godzilla, Reservoir Dogs, Shocker, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Phantasm, just to name a few. Not to mention the FBI agents named Reznor (as in Trent) and Cobain (as in Kurt), a Vatican Pontiff named MANFREDINI (as in Harry) and the mention of a character named Fulci (as in Lucio.)

A nod of the head is one thing, but this was bordering on an epileptic seizure. It wasn't even a very interesting read, although admittedly a few of the ideas were novel. They made such a grand deal over Freddy and Jason being tied to a sinister force, it's too bad they did so little with whatever force it was that brought everything together in Bethlehem. Be glad the studio passed this one up.


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