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Movie Review: Gore Gore Girls (1972)

The Gore Gore Girls
 THE GORE GORE GIRLS - Herschell Gordon Lewis gore flim - DVD cover

Written by Alan J. Dachman
Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis

Frank Kress .... Abraham Gentry
Amy Farrell .... Nancy Weston
Hedda Lubin .... Marlene
Henny Youngman .... Marzdone Mobilie
Russ Badger .... Lieutenant Anderson

Abraham Gentry is an obnoxious and arrogant private detective hired by the Globe daily newspaper to investigate a recent string of murders against local exotic dancers. He's paid twenty-five thousand dollars in advance and another twenty-five if he can crack the case, in exchange for the Globe getting exclusive rights to the story. He's paired up with a naive young journalist named Nancy Weston, whom Abraham gets drunk, insults and ultimately uses as bait.

THE GORE GORE GIRLS - Herschell Gordon Lewis gore flim - Blood & Babes

The girls all come from various clubs, but all the clubs are owned by Marzdone Mobilie, a sleazy stand-up comic type of character (played well by Henny Youngman.) Abraham runs from place to place, victim to victim, suspect to suspect in hopes of finding the killer. The scenes of ridiculous detective activity are interwoven with T&A-only stripteases (i.e., no full-frontal) by a variety of girls. Some of the dancers are really bad, gyrating around the stage like a possessed Linda Blair in the throws of an epileptic fit. We're given a number of leads and clues, none of which pan out in the end. Even when Abraham (who talks to the camera) figures it all out, he won't tell us. We have to wait until he unmasks the killer, and then he explains it all in a too-lengthy recap at film's finale. The filmmakers even declare “We Announce With Pride That This Movie Is Over.”

Don't be too proud, guys.

The Gore Gore Girls has all the usual Lewis trademarks: over-the-top gore, bad acting and nudity, but something unidentifiable is missing here. It's just not as much fun as it should be. It was his last film for 30 years, until 2002's Blood Feast 2, so maybe his heart just wasn't in it anymore. Still, you would think he'd want to go out with a bang. This bang, however, turned out to be a bit of a dud.

Rated X/Unrated
81 minutes
United States

Hump Day. Not as bad as we make it out to be, not as much fun as it sounds.


  1. I was really disappointed with the flick, I loved Wizard of Gore but GGGs was a complete chore to watch. The stripteases somehow managed to make sex boring. I did like the gore scenes, which is typically all you go into an HG Lewis movie for anyways, but this is far from his best work. Going to get to meet the man himself at Fango on the 17th!

  2. You're going to meet HG Lewis? That is so bad ass! Tell him we need a sequel to the Wizard of Gore.

  3. Ohhh I will.. And Ill see if he will give me my money back for GGGs lol.. Ron Perlman and Jeffrey Combs just signed on for the convention, keeps getting better and better! Im most excited about meeting Deodato


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