Saturday, March 14, 2009

Movie Review: Wrong Turn (2003)

Wrong Turn
WRONG TURN - 2003 Hillbilly Horror Movie with Eliza Dushku
Written by Alan B. McElroy
Directed by Rob Schmidt

Desmond Harrington .... Chris Flynn
Eliza Dushku .... Jessie Burlingame
Emmanuelle Chriqui .... Carly
Jeremy Sisto .... Scott

A yuppie puppy in a classic Mustang turns off the main road in West Virginia and finds himself barreling through the backwoods on a dirt road. While he is distracted by a bit of road kill, he plows into another vehicle belonging to a whole bevy of WB twenty-somethings. Now, all of them without transportation, they head out on foot to find some help. The closest thing they find is a run-down shack surrounded by abandoned cars, but nobody's home. They invite themselves in but quickly find that this isn't the cozy cabin home of Ma and Pa Kettle, but rather an inbred clan of deformed murderous hillbillies…and they're on their way home.

As they say in the movies, the chase is on. Through the forest, an automotive graveyard, into watchtowers, behind waterfalls and even up into trees, it's a veritable murder mystery tour of the countryside with enough bloodshed along the way to keep things interesting.

WRONG TURN - 2003 Hillbilly Horror Movie with Eliza Dushku - Arrow In The Eye
True enough, this isn't the most original of movies, borrowing heavily from the likes of Deliverance with a dash of Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The young cast was pretty good while they lasted, though, and probably introduced a whole new generation to the hillbilly horror sub-genre. The make up effects were spectacular and each of the inbred killers had their own distinct look and personality, which was quite impressive. Eliza, of course, played her atypical badass self and looked great striking her atypical tough-girl poses.

Actually quite a bit of fun.

Rated R
84 Minutes
United States

Squeal like a pig,

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