Monday, March 16, 2009

Movie Review: Night of the Living Dorks (2004)

Night of the Living Dorks
NIGHT OF THE LIVING DORK - German Zombie Comedy
(Die Nacht der lebenden Loser)

Written & Directed by Mathias Dinter

Tino Mewes...Philip
Manuel Cortez...Weener
Thomas Schmeider...Konrad
Collien Fernandes...Rebecca
Nadine Germann...Uschi

The three biggest losers at Frederich Nietzsche High (Philip, Weener and Konrad) find themselves wrapped up in voodoo and necromancy as performed by your stereotypical goth kids, hoping for a love spell that would get Philip into the pants of Uschi, the most popular girl at school. Returning from the ridiculous debacle that was the voodoo ritual, all three are killed in an automobile accident, but they come back as unexpected byproduct of the dark rites.

For these outcasts, it's not just a second chance at life. It's a second chance at popularity. After seeking some old-school rugby vengeance against all the bullies who fucked with them throughout their academic career ("I say, to hell with Ghandi!"), they find themselves with everything they have ever wanted: Respect, girls, and happy-party-fun time. Unfortunately, there are a few negative aspects that go along with being one of the undead, including an insatiable thirst for blood and the threat of important body parts falling off at the most inopportune moments.

In time, it becomes clear than an undead loser is still a loser at heart (even if said heart is no longer beating), and so it's not long until their fabulous new life returns to the shit from which it came, and Philip longs for a cure.

Worth a watch, if only for the insanely hot goth babe, a disturbing yet amusing scene involving a fractured phallus and a staple gun, and a nice nod to Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DORK - German Zombie Comedy - Sexy Girl

Granted, this is just another entry in the now-cliche Zombie Comedy sub-genre, but believe it or not, it actually works this time around. You know all of those geeks-make-good films from time's past (Can't Buy Me Love, Angus, and the New Guy to name a few)? Well, this is the horror version of those movies. It would fit nicely on any fan's shelf, right between Shaun of the Dead and Idle Hands.

89 Minutes
German (optional English Dubbing or subtitles)

Prepare to laugh your ball(s) off.

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