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Movie Review: Ms. 45 (1981)

Ms. 45
MS. 45 - Rape Revenge Flick from 1981

Thana is a beautiful but shy and socially awkward girl who works as a seamstress for a metrosexual fashion designer in the garment district of Manhattan. Walking home from work one day, she's pulled into an alley and raped by a masked brute. When it's over, she returns to her place in shock only to find that her apartment is being burglarized. The thief, too, decides to rape her. Thana is a mute, so her cries for help are silent and she knows that nobody is going to save her. But twice in one day (hell, twice in the first 10 minutes!) is obviously too much, and she fends him off and brains him to death with an iron, chopping his body up and scattering the pieces around the city.

Carrying the thief's .45 handgun for protection, she panics at the first sign of danger and shoots another man in the head. Feeling empowered, she paints herself up like a ten-dollar Times Square hooker and embarks on a no-holds-barred killing spree, taking out any man who so much as leers in her general direction. Pimps, sheiks, hooligans and photographers all fall prey to Ms. 45.

This is but a minor entry in the Rape-Revenge sub-genre of morally-questionable exploitation trash cinema popularized by Last House On The Left and I Spit On Your Grave. It's competently directed with minor amounts of grue, but Ms.45 stands as proof that it takes more than a hot chick with a gun to make for an interesting movie. Plainly put, it's D-U-L-L! The soundtrack is a ridiculous mix of jazz lite and Casio keyboard and some of the scenes come off as unintentional comedy: for instance, when Thana goes head to head with the gang members in the park, their movements are so choreographed that it looks like something out of West Side Story; and when she stood in front of the mirror doing a pantomime version of Robert Deniro's "are you talkin' to me?" routine from Taxi Driver while wearing a nun's habit, I couldn't help but think "They CAN'T be serious!" But, of course, they were.

MS. 45 - Rape Revenge Flick from 1981

It all boils down to an over dramatic slow motion ending that perhaps answers the question "What if Quentin Tarantino had directed Carrie?"

The results are not as spectacular as you might think.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Angel of Vengeance;

Rated R
81 minutes
United States


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  1. I'm still kicking myself for not picking up the uncut French special edition DVD of this before it went OOP.


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