Thursday, March 5, 2009

Movie Review: Midnight Meat Train (2008)

Midnight Meat Train
MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN - 2008 horror movie starring Bradley Cooper, based on the work of Clive Barker

Bradley Cooper...Leon
Leslie Bibb...Maya
Vinnie Jones...Mahogany
Brooke Shields...Susan

Written by Jeff Buhler
Based on a short story by Clive Barker
Directed by Ryûhei Kitamura

Leon, a professional photographer who wants to capture the city as it really is--the heart of it--is devastated when a critic tells him that he is failing at his mission. He may be at the right place, but he is seldom there at the right time. Desperate to prove her wrong, he strikes out into the night to find out what the gritty underbelly is really about. He catches on camera a beautiful young model being terrorized, and then scares off her attackers. This photograph sets him on the right track, and he needs two more money shots to get a show of his own.

He finds a mysterious (and frightening) man immaculately dressed and carrying a satchel climbing off of the subway train. Deciding to make this imposing fellow, known only as Mahogany, the subject of his next shot, Leon follows him night after night, hoping to get that perfect shot--from the subway train to the butcher shop where he works.

Mahogany - Midnight Meat Train

Soon enough the heretofore vegetarian artiste begins to develops both a taste for meat, and an unnatural obsession with the butcher. He discovers that the butcher is responsible for the killing of hundreds of missing persons...and what's more, he's stuck on a train with him. The Midnight Meat Train, that is. And just where do you think that the meat is going?

Well shot, well executed, with lots of blood spray and some truly disgusting scenes (the eyeball flying out of a victim's skull comes immediately to mind), this movie is everything that it should be. It's got more than a bit of a Candyman feel, which is fitting since both films are based on works by Clive Barker. All of the leads do excellent work, especially Vinnie Jones, who doesn't even have to speak to scare the hell out of you. Can you ever imagine this guy not being frightening? And the fight scene on the train? Simply awesome.

If you're shopping for a strong, balls-out horror film that doesn't run too deep but still delivers the goods, you could do a whole hell of a lot worse than this little gem. Pick it up!

Rated R
100 Minutes
United States

You heard the man: Step away from the meat, people!

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