Monday, March 30, 2009

Movie Review: Hit and Run (2009)

Hit and Run
HIT AND RUN - 2009 vehicular killer thriller - movie poster

Written by Diane Doniol-Valcroze and Arthur Flam
Directed by Enda McCallion

Laura Breckenridge...Mary
Christopher Shand...Rick
Kevin Corrigan...Emser

After a night of partying, college student Mary wakes up in the middle of the night hearing strange noises. Investigating, she follows the noise into the garage where she finds a nearly-dead man hanging from her front bumper. Apparently in her drunken stupor, she had run over this poor fellow without even realizing it. Rather than call for help, she does what any responsible drunkard would do: grab the nearest available blunt instrument and finish the job.

Next, of course, she has to drive the body into the woods and bury it in a shallow grave (during a particularly manic rainstorm, nonetheless), clean up the blood, and attempt to patch up her vehicle, and then get back to her life. Guilt gets ahold of her, and she confesses her sin to her asshole boyfriend Rick, who doesn't much seem to care--so long as it doesn't disrupt his life at all.

Paranoia sets in, and Mary begins to see ominous signs everywhere. She's certain that the police are on to her, and they will be moving in any minute.

This movie appeared at first to be a decent (but not excellent) dark and moody exploration of an all-too-real horror--one that could happen on any given day. But then, around the 55 minute mark, it took a drastic and unexpected turn, steering the whole thing into your typical genre piece--and the film was definitely worse off because of it. We've seen it all before a thousand times, and those 25 minutes of material here weren't about to introduce anything new.

You know how in most movies, there's at least one likable character? Nope, not here. Everyone seems to be a rather despicable soul. But the most unappealing aspect of this film for me was the sound mix. I viewed it online, and so thought that it was perhaps a problem with the Netflix Instant Viewing program, but have since learned that DVD viewers have suffered the same problems. It was almost as if the volume levels had been flipped--background noise was way too loud and foreground noise was way too soft. Crickets chirped louder than the characters spoke, and if they were speaking quietly? Forget about're left there trying to read lips. And as soon as any music started playing, I was covering my ears and diving for the volume knob while my neighbors pounded angrily on the walls.

This is just another example of a thing that could have been something but turned into nothing. Just like Kevin Corrigan's career.

That's right, I said it.

84 Minutes
United States

Keep on truckin'...

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