Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Movie Review: Fiend (1980)

FIEND - 1980 cheesy horror flick from Don Dohler

Written & Directed by Don Dohler

Longfellow.... Don Leifert
Gary.... Richard Nelson
Martha.... Elaine White
“Certain legends have mention the Fiend, a hellish destructive force capable of entering time-worn coffins and invading a decaying corpse, allowing the dead to walk the earth again. The fiendish corpse maintains its youth and existence by withdrawing the life-giving energy from human victims, who suffer violent and painful deaths…”
It’s March, 1980 in a Seville County cemetery, when an “eerie” red glow enters an occupied grave, taking possession of the corpse therein. Said corpse, a man in a cheap Halloween mask and surrounded by an animated aura (looking akin to the 10,000 Watt Ghost from Scooby Doo) rises from the grave and sucks the life-force from a supple young lady, restoring him to his previous life-like state.

One month later, the Fiend, under the guise of a Mr. Longfellow, music instructor, purchases a home in the town of Kingsville, next to the jolly Martha Kender and her grumpy husband Gary (complete with mullet and mustache!). When the bodies of Longfellow’s latest victims begin turning up closer and closer to home, Gary grows suspicious and concerned. He always knew something wasn’t right with his new neighbor. Since the police have no leads, he decides to do a little poking and prodding of his own. And he won’t stop until he uncovers the truth.

This film can be summed up in one word: Ugh! Terrible acting, amateur dialogue, shitty special effects, a nerve-grating Casio-Tone synth score, and constant plugs for the book Film Magic. And while I’m sure the filmmaker found it hilarious that they named Longfellows’s unwitting assistant D. Frye (as in Dwight Frye who played the count’s bitch Renfield in the original Dracula), but it scored no points with me.

So what can a movie this bad possibly have going for it? Well, I sat through it once and didn’t find anything. I’m sure as hell not going to try again.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Deadly Neighbor

Rated R
90 minutes


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