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Movie Review: Entrails of a Beautiful Woman (1987)

Entrails of a Beautiful Woman
ENTRAILS OF A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN - Japanese exploitation film from 1987
(Gômon kifujin)

Written & Directed by Kazuo ‘Gaira’ Komizu

When you sit down to watch a movie called Entrails of a Beautiful Woman, you pretty much know what you’re walking into. Chiefly, one sleazy-ass exploitation tale featuring not only beautiful women, but the very entrails of those beautiful women as well (not to mention the Yakuza, kidnapping, sexual perversions, rape, masturbation, humiliation, bloodshed, and gore…lots and lots of gore.)

Now, try to keep up here, because it’s a bit convoluted--and yes, there will be SPOILERS. Approximately one month ago, a young girl named Keiko went missing. Keiko’s sister Yoshimi decides to investigate, and discovers that Keiko’s boyfriend Higashi claims to know her whereabouts. Higashi promises that he can take Yoshimi to see her sister, but when they get to the empty warehouse that he leads her to, Keiko is nowhere to be found. Instead, there’s a gang of Higashi’s Yakuza cohorts there, waiting…which is where the film starts.

Turns out that Keiko was sold into slavery by these very men, and that’s exactly what they have planned for Yoshimi. But not before brutalizing and raping her, and injecting her with some sort of highly-addictive, possibly hallucinatory, sex-drug called Angel Rain.

Following all this, Yoshimi escapes (although we’re never shown how). In a drugged-up stupor, she wanders the streets until landing at the Aquarium Clinic, where she finds assistance from a medical professional of some sort whose name is never given. Despite having survived the terrible ordeal and now landing in relative safety, she climbs the stairs to the roof and leaps to her death—she splatters, literally, like a watermelon.

Yoshimi’s would be rescuer for some reason decides to take up her cause, and seeks retribution against the gang that harmed her. Taking Yoshimi’s name for her own, she locates and seduces Higashi, hypnotizing him with drugs and a handjob, implanting a post-hypnotic suggestion that he destroy his own friends.

A little strange, right? Well, believe me, it gets even more bizarre. I lost track a little bit, but I’m pretty sure that at least one skinless demon showed up, and there was a monster penis with a face on it that received one hell of a blow job, and a god awful amount of quivering lady flesh.

Are you disgusted? If so, just go about your day, because I really haven’t even done this twisted little film justice. But, if you’re intrigued by the sheer audacious insanity, this is truly one film that needs to be seen to be believed…and even then, I can make no guarantees.

67 Minutes
Japanese (with English sub-titles)


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