Monday, March 9, 2009

Short Film Review: Doggy Poo (2003)

Doggy Poo

As I’m writing this, I am watching online an animated short film with the poetic title of Doggy Poo. From the moment our hero is “born” (i.e., dropped from the anus of a passing pooch), it’s pretty obvious that he is not your typical piece of shit. He is, in an odd way, rather cute and cuddly…sort of like what you might expect if a Cabbage Patch Kid were to consume too many chocolate laxatives.

DOGGY POO - Korean animated short film

Little Doggy Poo, the subject of disdain and ridicule, embarks on a spiritual quest of sorts in hopes of finding a way to do good in this world, far beyond his meager roots. He meets and befriends a lump of soil that extols the importance of finding his purpose, a dried up leaf who teaches him about death, a momma chicken who threatens to feed him to her babies (yuck!), and finally a dandelion who apparently becomes his lover, and shows him his place in the world.

Unfortunately, although this film is only thirty-four minutes long, it also seems pretty padded. Some of the dialog is excessive (witness the leaf’s poignant spiel, and try not to be tempted to hit the FF button), and fifteen minutes in, they’re giving you a flashback to events that happened earlier! I understand that this is the age of ADD, but if you’ve already spent fifteen minutes watching a cartoon about talking poop, chances are it’s got your attention.

So who could possibly be behind such a bizarre concept? Why, it’s the Koreans, of course! This is one that really needs to be seen to believed.

Something stinks.

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