Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Movie Review: Horror In The Wind (2008)

Horror In The Wind
2008 alternative sex comedy Horror In The Wind
Written & Directed by Max Mitchell

Morse Bicknell...Ed Picante
Jiji Hise...Lisa Picante
Perren Hedderson...Richard Holbrook
Courtney Bell...Joan Holbrook

No, it's not a horror movie. No, it's not an alternate title for M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening. Horror In The Wind is, in essence, the Bizarro World version of the sex comedies of our world--aimed purely at a liberal audience. And, despite the warning that this movie "Contains Nudity Not Suitable For American Children", there really isn't that much nudity in it--although there are some sexy scenes of nude yoga.

Richard and Ed, two best friends and bio-engineers for Farmasuiticals Laboratory, have already won the prestigious Silver Tomato for saving tomato crops from fruit flies by eliminating their urge to procreate. Next in line is their attempt to do the same to the overwhelming rat population in New York City, but they're not getting results fast enough. When their funding is threatened to be pulled, they receive a call from a very important person: The newly elected President Pat Robertson.

President Robertson (the real life host of TV's The 700 Club) and his vice president James Dobson have declared a War on Sex, which would seem to be even more unwinnable than President Bush's War on Drugs. Which is why he pays Richard and Ed an obscene amount of money to alter their research and create an abstinence drug, and an antidote that will only be given to "Christian Married Couples."

After a few trials and tribulations, and much tech-talk (which probably didn't make any sense, but at least it sounded convincing), the scientists come up with Formula 4708, an airborne agent that appears to suppress the sexual urge. The President, too gung-ho for his own good, steals the Formula before testing is complete--before, in fact, an antidote is even created--and inundates the world with it. Only when it's too late does the truth come to light: Formula 4708 doesn't suppress your sex drive; it reverses it.

If you were heterosexual, you're suddenly homosexual. If you were homosexual, you're suddenly heterosexual. The majority becomes the minority and vice versa, turning the world on its ear...and on it's rear (sorry...couldn't resist.)

As any close-minded religious fundamentalist will tell you, the only thing worse than premarital sex is gay premarital sex, and so the search for the antidote begins.

The filmmakers did a pretty good job at touching on all of the societal changes that such an event would cause, everything from the King James Bible being thrown out to make room for the Princess Diana Bible to birth control companies filing Chapter 11. The only thing that I wish they would have mentioned is, what exactly happens to bisexuals? Perhaps they were the only ones that were truly immune.

Also, I must say that I admire the fact that the filmmakers didn't go in the same direction that many others would. For the most part, the newly-homosexual characters weren't depicted as whoring freaks or leather-clad queens (save for those in the oval office). They were depicted as monogamous--although unsure and awkward--lovers. It was refreshing to see, as even many films created by and for homosexuals tend to characterize gay characters as less-than-honorable. In fact, Richard and Ed were sleeping with the others wife while they were straight, but were committed to each other when they were gay.

The leads did a decent enough job in their roles, but the smaller parts weren't quite as admirably performed. Most of the jokes were amusing, if not laugh out loud funny, but the best ones were far and away the fake headlines crawling across the bottom of the screen during the Fax News ("News You Can't Get Away From") scenes. All in all, it was a fun little film for those with an open enough mind to get past the sheer gayness of it all, and even though it could have stood a little more editing, and a few more beats of action and excitement, I would definitely be interested in seeing what else this studio has up its sleeve.

United States

Feel The Power Of The Great Uterus!

(Hump Day: Not as good as it sounds, not as bad as we make it out to be.)

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