Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Movie Review: The Erotic Mr. Rose (1964)

The Erotic Mister Rose

1964 Naughty Film The Erotic Mister Rose
Written and Directed by Nick Millard

A prim-and-proper butterfly collector named Hermie Rose has made it his life's work to censor everything that is improper with allusions to sex. How does this little teetotaler go from prude to crude over the course of this short film's running time? Would you believe the devil made him do it?

Shot in a clear black and white, this movie is essentially one big a belly dancer at a strip club. The premise would have you believe that this is going to be quite the saucy little number, but it's actually quite tame--even by the standards of its day, I'm going to guess. True, there is a small amount of nudity, but only shown in photographs. Watching a movie of an old man looking at nude photos? Not as enticing as one may think.

There is no dialogue in this's all done by voice over via a nameless, omniscient narrator--who may or may not be the devil himself. The soundtrack is a cool, jazzy mosaic of horns that gives it hipster points if nothing else. It is a pretty amusing waste of time, though, as there are comedic moments you can't help but enjoy--old Hermie acting like a drunken pervert with the devil at his side is pretty priceless.

Ever wonder what it would be like if David Friedman remade a Charlie Chaplin film with a Gene Hackman impersonator, and hired Charlie Parker to provide the score? Of course you have! Well, wonder no longer! It would look a little something like this.

Nearly all sources list this film at 52 minutes, however the version I saw clocks in at only 40. I've been unable to locate any information about a 'censored' or trimmed version...does anyone have any information they'd like to share?

52 minutes(?)
Black and White

Hump Day! Not as bad as we make it out to be, not as fun as it sounds.


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