Monday, February 9, 2009

Movie Review: Alone in a Haunted House (2004)

Alone In A Haunted House
2004 documentary ALONE IN A HAUNTED HOUSE
This 25-minute short documentary feature follows paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren as he spends a night alone in the Drayton House, a supposedly haunted mansion. He goes in with an open mind, of course, hoping to either prove or disprove the existence of the paranormal, using a number of techno-gadgets you and I have never even heard of--which also means that their results don't impress us much, either. Luckily for us the ghost hunter knows what these gadgets do. Unluckily for us, he's not afraid to tell us about long winded detail that makes you wonder if you're watching an old episode of "Mr. Wizard".

So what, exactly, can be seen in these 25 minutes? Not much of anything, really. A few dust particles that he calls "orbs" and "anomalies", a few squeaks and squawks from his electronic gizmos, and a lot of goofy looks from our host. Never have I seen a ghost hunting show that used the phrase, "Well, everything seems to be quite normal" so often. Sure, it all looks a little creepy...but I could make a film about me walking around a brand spanking new Toys 'R' Us in night vision and strobe light, and it would look creepy too.

Don't get me wrong. I respect the guy for not fabricating a haunting, but if this is his profession, surely he's had experiences far more compelling than this one. Why not make a documentary about those experiences, and chalk this one up to bad luck?

As it stands, with all its discussions of each gadget, this comes off more like an infomercial for Ghost Busters Inc. than anything else. If I'm going to be bored for a half hour, I'm at least going to be bored by something entertaining.


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