Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Movie Review: Pervert!


Written by Mike Davis
Directed by Jonathon Yudis

James...Sean Andrews
Hezekiah...Darrell Sandeen
Cheryl...Mary Carey
Alisha...Sally Jean
Patty...Juliette Clark
“The following movie has been rated Horny-14. Pregnant women and men who already have an erection at this point in the film should leave the theater now.”
New Orleans college student James heads to the family’s desert ranch to visit his Bible-quoting (but degenerate) father Hezekiah, and learn how to be a real man. Hezekiah, an old widower trying to live his dream of being an artist (he sculpts the female form out of raw meat) has somehow managed to shack up with bouncy blonde Cheryl, who comes off like a Russ Meyer version of Tara Reid. Cheryl wastes no time seducing James, and soon enough they’re screwing right beneath Hezekiah’s nose--sometimes quite literally. When the old man finds out, Cheryl abruptly disappears and Hezekiah tells James that she packed her bags and moved on during the night. She’s quickly replaced by Alisha, this time a bitchy brunette, and when her corpse along with Cheryl’s is discovered, father suspects son and son suspects father. Thinking he has gone soft in the head, James hires Patty, a nurse, to care for Hezekiah, who handcuffs him to the bed and begins a relationship with the oh-so-lucky James. And, sure as shit, she finds herself in danger. So just who is the real killer?

The answer will astound you.

This comic throwback to old school nudie and exploitation films is ridiculous (but it’s supposed to be), and surprisingly enjoyable. Think a Troma film with a bigger budget, more talented actors, and better production values. It’s full of Cinemax-style sex and nudity, voodoo, double entendres, camera tricks (split-screen, reverse images, etc.), offensive jokes, and unrelated scenes of naked women interspersed amongst the action. The sound effects are too cartoony and are the worst part of the film, while the soundtrack is fantastic, running the gamut from country to garage rock to Indian sitar and everything in between. Spoof fans and friends of Toxie should flock to this movie in droves.

If actress Mary Carey seems familiar to you, you've probably seen her in such fare as Thumpin Melons, Rub the Muff 6, Lick My Balls, and Funbag Fantasies 5.


81 minutes

Hump Day! Not as bad as we make it out to be, not as fun as it sounds.

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